Smart learning for the age of agility

Know-how is no longer static. Sustained success is the result of flexible thinking and a fluid internal culture. With Seertech’s iLearning Plus, you have a platform to shape minds and lead change in your industry.

Tailored Experience

Role-based interface matches content and permissions to job roles and context.

Smart Analytics

Multilayered analytics,fully integrated with Oracle applications, and delivered in real-time

Impact Learning

Standardize know-how to reduce regulatory and operational risk.

Bottom-Line Results

Scalable, consistent, and cost-efficient training delivery,with optional e-commerce integration

Experience iLearning Plus today

The Learning Management Suite


Learning Path Track Management

People Management

System and UI Configuration

Completions Management

Data Imports Management

Reports Admin

Course and Content Admin

Assessment and Survey Admin



Budget Management

Social Learning

Mobile Learning

License and Quality Management

Role and Competency Management

Continuing Education

Learning Analytics

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