Evolve your business around your competitive edge.

Andryan boosts enterprise processes with custom software solutions, helping you to stay ahead of the competition and in line with the times.

Bespoke SaaS

Build your brand into the business experience.

Whether you’re looking to connect siloed systems or increase employee engagement, bespoke SaaS can help your enterprise create a truly integrated experience.

Built for Use

Designed to meet all your functional requirements without added fuss.

Own your Touchpoints

Bypass subscription models and take complete ownership over your applications.

A Branded Experience

Bring life to the brand experience with enhanced, customized digital touchpoints.

Secure your Data

Online and downloadable software,secured with unique logins and tracking capabilities to monitor activity and usage.

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Cloud Integration

Total connectivity delivered. No infrastructure required.

No more data silos. No more disconnect between cloud and on-premise applications and systems.
Just your entire enterprise network, fully connected and always accessible.


Role-based UI and single sign-on provides seamless integration with legacy systems.


No need for more hardware, just a simple interface that connects you to the entire network.


Bring together siloed systems and gain access to your cloud apps, on-site systems, data repositories and IT environment in one place

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Mobile HR

Mobile is the new norm.

The best time to handle personal admin is when you’re on the go. Give employees access to self-service applications directly on their smartphones, so they can focus on their work when they arrive at their desks


Update your personal and professional profiles from anywhere in the world.


Stay on top of your performance goals and objectives.


View, apply for, and process requests using single sign-on access.

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Collaborative tools for the 21st century enterprise.

With Andryan’s tailored workflow management system, you can easy integrate new workflow models, and get real-time feedback on process and performance.

Centralize Workflows

Consolidate internal communication, workflows, and integrate new processes instantly.

Monitor and Analyze

Extract real-time reports on individual and team performance, tracked across task and project cycles.

Protect Knowledge

Retain role-specific knowledge to support succession plans.

Boost Performance

Improve productivity with smart, self-organizing tools.

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The Andryan Difference

  • Stay connected and protected with Andryan's Always-On IT Support.

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  • Make most of your off-the-shelf solutions with Andryan's Bespoke SaaS.

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