Andryan  Benefits
A combination of the various strengths of Andryan: domain competency, experience in industry standard methodologies, its strong experience in Oracle ERP across various industries, multi-dimensional project experience, project management experience and a right balance of domain and IT perspective leads to a value proposition for the stakeholders of Andryan, along the following lines:   Benefits
  • Speed of Implementation: Andryan has a proven track record of having completed all its projects within the delivery schedule and established time frame. Its clients have always been satisfied with the fact that the timeline set by Andryan has been reasonable and mutually agreeable. It is Andryan’s constant endeavour to complete all assigned tasks and respond within the deadline that has been established. It also adds to Andryan’s capability of best estimating projects with their strong experience in the field.
  • Effective Roll-outs: Andryan’s varied experiences and expertise in diverse industries is utilized for effective roll-outs of various projects in the best possible way. Due to our experience with diverse clients and projects, roll outs are planned for the best output in the shortest time frame and our phased approach results in effective roll-outs.
  • Maximize System Capability: Andryan’s understanding of the clients requirements allow us provide the system in such a way so as to provide maximum system capability to the customer. System functionalities are always suggested and used wherever possible.
  • Standard Implementation Methodology & Practices: Andryan being primarily an Oracle ERP Implementation expert always follows a customized version of Oracle’s standard Application Implementation Methodology. This has resulted in a blended version of Andryan’s Implementation Methodology which has been possible due to the multitude experiences of Andryan in ERP implementations.
  • Industry Specific knowledge: Andryan’s domain knowledge of various industries and bi-lingual implementation experiences provides an added advantage to enterprises that enter into a joint agreement with Andryan.
  • Reduced Cost and Time: Organizations can, with the engagement with Andryan, make use of its highly skilled and trained man power in various fileds of expertise. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity as well as cost savings. By doing this, companies save on recruitment, training and other human resource costs it would otherwise have to maintain internally. This will be cost effective for organizations as the need does not arise to keep full time permanent employees for various implementation projects and other custom application development works.
  • Reduced pressure on Internal Resources: Support activities and various custom development operations require specialized attention and high maintenance. Yet most of them are critical for the company's everyday activities. By allowing Andryan to handle the organization’s support activities, companies can concentrate on their core competencies while its back-end support is being managed smoothly by the specialized resources of Andryan. Organizations will be able to utilize Andryan’s expertise for activities such as: support of ERP, enhancements and projects which may come up from time to time, application DBAs etc.
  • Increased system reliability & Acceptability: It is common to find most organizations going in for health-checks and re-implementation once their projects are live and they realize that most functionality is not being used. Andryan can safely say that all projects implemented by Andryan’s highly skilled resources will not fail a health check and organizations will not have to go in for any additional expenses on the application. This is because Andryan ensures the system’s acceptability before it concludes any project and the reliability of the system has been tested and mutually agreed upon.